UX / UI / App Design

Users are presented with a virtual pottery studio space, where images of physical objects act as entry points to teach about ceramic tools, techniques, and history, in both English and Japanese.

Coming from both a ceramics and design background, I wanted to create an app that would merge my two interests. The Japanese Pottery Handbook is based off of a guide by ceramicist Penny Simpson, who wanted to bridge the gap between Japanese and English-speaking ceramicists working in the same studio. Highly technical and specialized terms are simplified through visual and audio learning, while guided processes are taught through hands-free navigation in consideration for fingers covered in clay.

This iPad wireframe was developed in collaboration with Sandra Hsu.

The four main screens, which have been designed to imitate a physical pottery studio with four walls.

The guide screen to the ceramic tools, with its name, description, and usage in both English and Japanese.

A visual breakdown of the four walls / screens. 
The order of screens is based on the process of making, from forming to glazing to firing.

We saw our users to be ceramicists who were interested in Japanese ceramic techniques.

The guide would be particularly useful for users who want to travel to Japan to further their practice, and want to have a better grasp of the technical language. The app would aid in sharing studio spaces with other ceramicists who only speak Japanese.

A flightpath for a user who would like to learn more about the types of feet for the bottom of vessels.