Print Design / Packaging

In 1981, Issei Sagawa, obsessed with women and their flesh, murdered and cannibalized his classmate.

Sagawa then transferred her remaining corpse into suitcases and left them at a park. Never properly punished for his actions, Sagawa then went on to live with notoriety and published his own comic book. I wanted to explore the premise and aftermath of his crime, laying out the timeline of events. The beige background is an image of flesh close-up. I chose to print this on backlit film in order to communicate the translucency of flesh. Going along with the poster is an artist book made of small boxes. Without veering into gore, I sculpted the specific body parts in which Sagawa took from her. Printed on the boxes are words from Sagawa describing his victim.

Print: Inkjet on backlit film.
Box: French Speckletone cardstock, polymer clay.

Photography by Steven He.